Full Spectrum Obstetrics Services
High risk pregnancies including Cesarean Section
Low risk pregnancies

Lactation counselling
Gynecology surgery including Hysterectomy
Vaginal Hysterectomy
Pelvic Floor Repair
Incontinence Surgery
Injection therapy for incontinence
Endometrial Ablation

Office procedures including biopsy
Biofeedback for pain/incontinence
Pessary fitting
Contraceptive Management
Hormone Balancing

Complementary Medicine
In-office ultrasound
Confidential STD information/ treatment
Bio-identical Hormone Treatments

Coordination and organization of care with all of your health providers is emphasized; we keep you informed and in control of your health as a partner in your care.

Access to Dr. Holladay by Internet/email is intended for sharing of medical information and not a substitute for office consultations.

Dr. Holladay is available by email for informational questions.
Please check this web site for updates on where Dr. Holladay is available for clinical care.